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I started creating my first glass piece three years ago with a tub of scrap that my friend Laurie gave me. I created a whimsical butterfly garden on a coffee table. The finished product was breathtaking! I was ready to create more and encouragement from my family and friends buoyed me to forge on! 

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Three years have passed since that beginning and I have grown from creating glass mosaics into building amazing stained glass artwork and will be opening my very own storefront along with class offerings. It's amazing where passion can lead!

Heather, The Artist

designs with glass

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This image of a front door with shows two pieces I custom created for a kind couple in Lakeland, FL.  The two pieces are positioned over the door and as a side-panel. The pieces turned out beautiful and the Lakeland couple was pleased enough to send me the beautiful photo.

The Mermaid, was a custom order for a high school buddy. I couldn't have made it this far without the support of my loving friends and family!

This mystical mermaid was created especially for his wife for their bathroom. She stands 96" high by 54" wide. Gorgeous piece!  

I am constantly making new pieces and learning new techniques. I have also learned how to work on repairs and how to build larger pieces with confidence from Bob Maroto

Are you ready to order your first stained glass window or piece of art for your home, office, garden, or elsewhere? Do you have a piece in need of repair? Message me today!